February 1, 2012

Barrett ready to stay home

Manlius (N.Y.) Christian Brothers offensive tackle Ben Barrett was the first verbal of the 2012 class for Syracuse. Now almost a year after his original commitment date it is his turn to sign.

"It has always been my dream to play college football. Three of my older brothers all played football at CBA and I just kind of grew up around it. Ever since I could remember I wanted to play college football and I never had a chance to play football till seventh grade because I was always too big to play Pop Warner, weight wise. Since I started playing in seventh grade it was always my goal and I worked as hard as I could to achieve that goal."

The 6-foot-4, 255 pound Barrett continued to talk more about his dream of playing college football.

"Not only has it been my dream to play college football, but to play for Syracuse is also a dream come true. It is awesome that I have this opportunity to play for Syracuse and I just think it will be an unbelievable experience and I am very very excited about it."

Even though it is a dream come true for the Empire State product he is ready for the big challenge that awaits him.

"It is a big transition and it will take a lot of hard work, obviously you get your spot in line and you just keep working. I think I am just going to do that, keep my head down and work hard."

He believes that his versatility will make the switch from high school to college a little smoother.

"I am very athletic for my size and I think I move well, I am very versatile because of all the positions I can play, and then I would think it is my confidence level. One of the reasons I have this opportunity is because I always can flip the "switch" on and off the field."

On Rivals.com Barrett is listed as an offensive tackle, but he is not really sure if that is accurate right now. He thinks being able to play all offensive line positions will make it hard to slot him some place right now. Where ever he does play he will be ready to go, but he thinks he needs to bulk up more.

"It depends on what position they put me at I will have to put a lot of weight on. During this season I lost a lot of weight and I am only like 255 pounds right now. Other than that I really have to work on my flexibility."

Many kids grow up and have dream schools that they would like to play for, but it is rare when that dream really comes true. Barrett, though he will not be satisfied with just playing he wants to put his dream school back to where he feels they belong.

"When I think about Syracuse the first thing that comes to mind is that it is my dream school. Growing up I was a diehard Syracuse fan and there have been some rough years in the past and now I have the opportunity to help make a difference and help make it better. You can see the players and the chance they have to do it and now I have the chance to do it."

I think it goes without saying that Barrett will try work hard because he has the added motivation of turning his hometown school around.

"I do not know what fans can expect out of me . I know I am going to work as hard as I can and do whatever I can to benefit the team the most."

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