November 15, 2011

McFarlane addresses rumors

Rumors on the internet can start very quick and pick up steam. Lately rumors have been popping up that Syracuse verbal commitments are backing off of Syracuse. One of those rumored players is Devante McFarlane and he set the record straight with

"Nah, I am not thinking about it," McFarlane said of backing away from his verbal to Syracuse.

It is a funny thing how rumors start because when asked if any schools have come in and tried to flip his commitment Devante "MrCuse" McFarlane as his Facebook friends know him has a short answer to that.

"Not really," McFarlane said.

Even though he does not plan on flipping he did say that there are a few schools that stay in touch with him just in case.

"Vanderbilt, Buffalo, and Massachusetts still stay in touch."

Off of the recruiting trail and on the football field is where the Empire State product has done a lot of damage over the past few months,

"The season went well, could've been better, we lost in the playoffs. Individually I think my season was good. I am not sure of how many total yards I had because I played all over the field. I do know I had 26 touchdowns though."

Now that his season is over he can take a little more of a look at his future team and with only two regular season games left he has questions about his future team.

"I think they started off well and I am curious how they're going to finish the season."

One thing he is ready for is his position on the field when he does get to Syracuse.

"I think they want me to play running back. They said they just want me touching the ball where ever I end up."

Before that time comes though there is a lot ahead of him and one of those items is his official visit to Syracuse on December 9th.

"I am real excited can't wait to get up there and see the campus again."

When he does make his trip besides meeting new teammates, recruits, and coaches he has other things on his mind.

"When I go up there I just want to see the atmosphere of the school and what it has to offer."

This winter McFarlane will not play any other sports as he plans to focus on improving his football skills.

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