September 26, 2011

Hill keeps open mind

St. George's offensive tackle Brandon Hill has been patiently waiting this season for his opportunity to finally suit up and play under the Friday night lights.

The 6-foot-6, 250-pounder had been sidelined until last week due to transfer rules. The senior said he is excited to finally get the chance to not only hit the field, but also to hit somebody else.

"It's good, because on my team we don't have that many players, so I can't dominate, because if I hurt somebody, I'm actually hurting first-string defender," Hill said. "So now I get to go hit somebody else, I get to go full speed on Fridays instead of watching on the sideline on Fridays."

Hill said his first start didn't go as well as he would have hoped, but in time he thinks he will start to play at a level up to his self-imposed standards.

"I just start playing last week. It feels pretty good to be back on the field but I didn't do that good because I wasn't back into the vibe. I couldn't play full-blown against my teammates, but playing against someone else is something kind of different," Hill said. "Everyone else said I played a good game but I see myself not playing a good game because I know Incan do better than I played. I need to stay on my blocks longer and run up the field more than I did last game."

Hill isn't the only one with high expectations for himself; from the summer until now, the number of programs around the country taking note of the brute athlete is continuing to grow. Arkansas is the most recent program to show high interest, according to Hill, and was in attendance at his game last Friday.

While Georgia hasn't lost interest in the big man, Hill said his focus on his studies has left him mostly disconnected to any coaches who try to reach him anyway other than a physical visit.

"I haven't talked to coach (Will) Friend in two weeks I think. I haven't checked my Facebook and, like when I even stop for a minute, I have to put my phone down. My mom is making me hit the books so I haven't been paying attention to my phone or my social life, well, except my twitter," Hill said."Most coaches friend me on Facebook, so I don't know really with that."

It is still early in the season, but Hill said he is able to identify his current leader, one that he knows fulfills his list of requirements for a program.

"Being close to home is going to be one of them but the people is going to be a huge one. I want to be around people I can get along with, that'll be another reason," Hill said. "I've got a favorite right now, Mississippi State, but you know, things can change. They are just really nice people, they seem like family already, I feel like I'm already part of the family .They talk to me every time they get a chance."

The good news for other programs trying to woo Hill, like UGA, is that they will still have plenty chances to keep in contact and to try and change his mind. Hill said he won't start taking officials until he has a break, or in January, and is keeping an open mind about the recruiting process.

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